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The NEW Compact

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The New Compact is the newest addition to our modular Kitpak system! With a stronger magnet and updated hinging, The New Compact is a game-changer for any artist looking to get organized in 2022. 

The New Compact works seamlessly with our signature re-potting and Kitpak system, so current fans of the Kitpak system can add on to what they already have.

Looking for creative inspiration? Browse our Kitfits page to see how all your favorite products fit into The New Compact.

Product Details

  • Fits 80 XS Pans, 40 Small Pans, 20 Medium Pans, or 10 Large Pans
  • Space on the hinge for 3/8" wide label
  • Magnetic closure
  • Glossy plastic finish
  • Made in China

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