What is your Return Policy?
Please contact us within 14 days of receiving the item to arrange a return. The customer is responsible for creating their own return label.  

What is your Shipping Policy?
We ship worldwide, and shipping rates are calculated at checkout. (Duty and Customs fees may apply upon arrival.) 
Please allow 3-5 business days for order fulfillment.  

What is your Damaged Makeup Policy?
Kitpak is not responsible for broken or damaged makeup.  


Product FAQ

How do I care for my Kitpak system products?
We recommend sanitizing new products with 70% alcohol wipes before using, and anytime they need a wipedown.
Is The Compact airtight? 
It’s not, but we do have something in the works! Sign up for our mailing list, and we’ll keep you posted!
What kind of glue do you recommend to use on the Pat McGrath Mothership pot to The Pat Pans?
We recommend using non-toxic Elmers glue to secure the plastic PMG baked eyeshadows into the Pat Pan.
What if my pans arent magnetic?
No worries! We like to use this Metal Sticker from Amazon.
What is the best double-sided tape to use for de-pots?
This is our favorite.  

Are The Funnel and Droppers dishwasher safe?
All Kitpak products should be washed in warm, soapy water only. Do not submerge.

Can I label my Kitpak compacts?
Yes! In fact, we highly recommend it. We sell a sleek white ink on clear tape version here, or you can use any label tape that is 6mm or less.
How do I use the white labeling tape?
The white labeling tape can be used with any Brother P-touch Model labeling machines that use TZe series tape. Please consult the Brother website for set-up guides and troubleshooting.



Kit Kash FAQ

How do I check my Kit Kash gift card balance?
If you are unsure of the balance left on your gift card, you can contact us to learn more or simply apply the gift card code to your cart to see the remaining balance.

Are there any fees associated with purchasing a Kit Kash gift card?
No, the gift cards are digital-only and do not require an additional fee.

Do I have to activate my Kit Kash gift card?
No. Once purchased, your Kit Kash gift card should be active. Simply use the code in your digital gift card to apply the balance to your cart. If you have any problems using your gift card, please contact us.

When do Kit Kash gift cards expire?
Never. There is no expiration date for the dollar amount on a Kit Kash gift card.

Can I redeem my Kit Kash gift card at stockists who carry The Kitpak System?
No, Kit Kash can only be redeemed at our online store. 


Kitpak General FAQ

Where can I reach out with press inquiries?
Please email us at hello@thekitpak.com.
Do you offer a pro-discount?
Since we are a small business specifically for makeup artists, we do not offer a professional artist discount at this time.

Where is Kitpak based?
We're based in NYC. 

Where are Kitpak products made?
Our products are designed in New York and produced in the China.


Don't see your question here? 

Please email us at hello@thekitpak.com.