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The Compact Label Tape

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Feeling a Home Edit moment? 

From A-to-Z or blue-to-green, our clear labeling tape makes navigating the compacts in your kit super easy with white type that pops on the sleek black Compacts.

Product Details

  • Compatible with all Brother P-touch Model labeling machines that use TZe series tape
  • 6mm width 
  • White ink on clear tape



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White Labeling Tape FAQ

How do I use the white labeling tape?

The white labeling tape can be used with any Brother P-touch Model labeling machines that use TZe series tape. Please consult the Brother website for set-up guides and troubleshooting.

Can I label my Kitpak compacts?

Yes! In fact, we highly recommend it. We sell a sleek white ink on clear tape version here, or you can use any label tape that is 6mm or less.