Collection: Depotting Services


Don't know where to start your depotting journey?

Tired of spending money on countless tools to depot your products?

Introducing The Kitpak Depotting Service: Your simple solution to whipping any kit into shape without the hassle! Our brand-new do-it-for-you condensing service makes the mess of depotting a thing of the past! 

Not enough time in your schedule to devote to depotting?  

Fear Not! With The Kitpak Depotting Service, you'll never have to spend time depotting again!

Here's how it works:
  1. Choose a Small, Medium, or Large Pan Depotting Service, and select whether you want your pans "Melted" or "Smoothed."
  2. After adding the service to your cart and completing checkout, you'll receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to send product to us for condensing. 
  3. Once we receive your products, we'll send you a confirmation email and request information about Compact labeling.
  4. Then we'll do our magic! Please note that Kitpak Depotting Services may take up to 8 business days to complete.
  5. When your order is ready, we'll return your newly depotted Compact(s), and any leftover product in its original packaging and send you a confirmation email to track the shipment. 


Et voilà! You're ready to show off your new, sleeker kit and get back to what you do best. 


Kitpak Depotting Services are only available to customers in the United States. Kitpak is not responsible for products lost or damaged during shipping.