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The Steel Compact

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Exclusively for use with MAC Pro Single Eyeshadows - Limited Edition

We all have our ride-or-die favorite MAC colors. 

With The Steel Compact, you can take those shades anywhere with zero hassle. Designed specifically with MAC Pro Single Eyeshadows in mind, our steel base works perfectly with the magnetic MAC pans. 

Looking for inspiration? See how other artists have used The Steel Compact to organize their favorite MAC Pro Single Eyeshadows with the Kitpak system

Product Details

  • Double-sided with a steel base
  • Glossy finish ABS plastic 
  • Magnetic closure
  • This is not airtight



The Steel Compact FAQ

Do you recommend a type of magnet to use with The Steel Compact? Does it need them?

The MAC Pro Single Eyeshadows have a magnet on the pan already! You can just put them right into The Steel Compact as-is. It's one of the easiest de-pots out there—and who doesn’t love easy?

Do any of the other pans work with The Steel Compact, or only MAC Pro Single Eyeshadows? 

The Steel Compact is only designed to work with the MAC Pro Single Eyeshadows. For all other brands, we built The Original Magnetic Compact or The New Compact.

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